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America’s Grand Miss – America’s Perfect Face – Tropical Dream Stars USA


America's Grand Miss 
February 7, 8 & 9th 2025

America's Perfect Face
September 27, 28 & 29th, 2024


Join Us At The Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel In Atlanta, GA

America's Grand Miss Information

This pageant is brought to you by the same directors that  produced Tropical Dream Stars USA productions for 28 years! Welcome to America’s Grand Miss National! We welcome each and every one of you! This will be an exciting 17th year, as we crown our 2025National Grand Royalty! You may compete in beauty and your choice of optionals to qualify for the supreme titles! We are very proud to guarantee lots of cash prizes and top quality  Custom created LOGO crowns! Our crowns are breathtaking! ! Our judges will be looking for a beautiful face. Please note that anyone may compete and win at AGM, because expensive glitz attire is not what our judges are looking for. This is not a natural pageant system, styled hair and make up is absolutely allowed and should flatter the contestant based on age. Supremes are based on your total beauty score: 1-30 + your ONE Highest optional event 1-30. The optional may be: casual wear, interview, talent, natural photo, natural print model or natural composite. You do not have to compete in every optional since only the one highest is used toward Supremes. Please call should you have any questions! 

Martha Michaud
Executive National Director

America's Perfect Face Information

Always the last weekend in September. We are so excited about America’s Perfect Face! APF is a true facial beauty pageant. We will offer soft beauty, casual wear, natural photo events, talent and interview. America’s Perfect Face is the pageant where anyone can compete and excel!  We have many several titles that are only for Novice contestants and special extra chance titles that are just for our precious babies. As always, on time and professional. We welcome everyone to APF! Plan to join us for this special, fun family event.

Martha Michaud,
Executive National Director 

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